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Rory Gallagher: Telecaster

Rory has used several Fender Telecaster Guitars over the years. The natural color Telecaster Rory used for some studio recordings he got from a very good friend in Köln (Cologne): Rudi Gerlach.

In 1987 Rory met Rudi at his home, where Rory discovered a Telecaster and had a lot of fun playing it. During the recording of Rocklife/WDR 17.10.1990 Rudi gave this Telecaster to Rory together with a Framus Lap Steel Guitar and an old Schaller Wah-Wah (the type with additional switch to select between yoy-yoy and bow-wow). While first testing the guitar with his stage amp Rory noticed that the Lead PU didn`t sound as he would like it to, later Rory changed this PU to a Seymour Duncan Pick-Up, the tuners to Shaller M6 Mini, adjusted it a little bit, and used it for recordings and live on stage.


Stuttgart 21Aug94


Photo from cover sleeve Edge In Blue

Rudi talked to Donal to get back this Telecaster, the Lap Steel and the Wah-Wah. He got it 10. Jan 1996 in very good conditions. The Telecaster was tuned to open G, one string was broken.


Rudi got back the Telecaster he gave to Rory

The action wasn`t as hight as expected for Rory played slide on this guitar.

Rory used Jumbo Frets with 2.7 mm gap between (1st and 6th) strings and 12th fret.

Photos: Copyright Rudi Gerlach 11. Jan. 1996

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