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Rory at the WDR Rockpalast

Rory was the only musician who played Rockpalast/Rocklife five times.

Screenshot from Video, recorded 2.3.1983
Photo in background: Rory got his pennant from Peter.
(ltr: Rory, Rudi Gerlach, Alan Bangs, Peter Rüchel)

Peter Rüchel, head of Rockpalast team congratulated Rory to his 35th birthday, 1983, during the first re-run of the famous first Rocknacht. This first Rocknacht at Grugahalle Essen, 23th July 1977 was opened by Rory and his Band and was live transmitted to seven european countries, including Ireland. Several radio stations transmitted in stereo simultaneously.

Peter announced that Rory himself without hesitation described this show as his best Rockpalast show (of four) and one of his best shows at all, with a true electric atmosphere. Picking up a suggestion from Donal, each band got a pennant to keep this great event in memories. This caused a big dissappointment to all other musicians, because there was only one pennant per band. At following Rocknächte each musician got his own pennant.

Pictures above grabed from Video2000 by Volker, with kind permission by WDR / Rockpalast. More infos Rockpalast Archive.

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