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Rory Gallagher`s last recordings

Rudi Gerlach (RG), his girl friend Sandra and Rory Gallagher (RG) met again in London 18. June 1994. Rudi wanted to take some photos/videos with Rory at Roundhouse Studios. Before they went to the studio they had some coffee at a bar opposite the Roundhouse studios, where Rory tried to persuade the waitresses to record the football game (Ireland - Italy) for him -- but without success.

Later at the studio Rory tried to get two background singers in tune -- again without success. They can`t be heard on the record. Rory has not been fortunate with women, and that was not only this day. While Rudi went back to the hotel late at night, Rory worked the whole night and did his very last recordings (availabel on the Peter Green Songbook, Part 1). After finishing work, Rory returned to the hotel, and put a letter under Rudis door:

    Dear Rudi /Sandra,
        Only got back to the Hotel
        at 5:45 - So I did not want to wake you up.
               I will try to see you
               in the morning - or before
               you go___
                    It was a long session
                        The Best

The note is written with a sharp pencil, it`s very difficult to get it readable into a small gif. - With kindly permission of Rudi Gerlach.

The next day (19.Juni 94) -- Rory proudly shows "The Irish Jig" to Rudi - Ireland has won against Italy, of course.

Rory and Rudi playing "No expectations /Stones" (19. June 1994) - the 12 string guitar was a "Stella" - Rory played slide: ... Brian played it in E

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