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Gerry, Brendan and Achim Griebe

Achim Griebe, Keyboarder Ralf, Gerry McAvoy and Brendan O'Neill have been at the famous Chameleon Studios in Hamburg 3rd. June 1998, recording three compositions written by Achim and a fourth written by Gerry. These guys worked perfectly together, and got Achim`s three titles recorded in a single day, so the second day was used to record the Gerry McAvoy composition.

Brendan was out for some minutes, so Gerry took over percussions.
The Crew listening to the last recording, ltr: Klaus Bohlmann (engineer), Brendan, Gerry, Achim (Achim`s wife Rosi).
Keyboards: Ralf
discussions about which records to keep and which to drop
Gerry playing guitar overdub for bass line
Achim and Gerry at rehearse
Gerry in action

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