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Rory Gallagher: Rockpalast Special 96

The Rockpalast Special at Loreley was dedicated to the memory of Rory Gallagher. After several month of work for Donal Gallagher and Peter Rüchel (WDR) to organize this outstanding festival for Rory, it was a shame that only few musicians really joined the Band of Friends. Some of the prospectives (i.e. Jack Bruce, Slash) canceled only one or two days before the show, Donal was very disappointed.


Samuel Eddy - Molley Hatchet - The Band - Muddy Waters Band - Nine Below Zero & Band of Friends Donal on stage, thanking for coming De Deannan (from Ireland) - Lynyrd Skynyrd

There was no reason for the (planned) Jam Session.

Members of the Band of Friends (BOF)

 Lou Martin	- Piano
 Mark Feltham - Harmonica
 Bobbie McIntosh - Guitar (Pretenders / Paul McCartney Band)
 Brian (Bobbo) Robertson - Guitar (Thin Lizzy)
 Paul Rose - Guitarist of the Year (Guitarist Mag.)

The setlist for NBZ&BOF

 1	It`s Nothing New
 2	Soft Touch
 3	On The Road Again
 4	Blues Moved In
 5	Ridin On the L+N

 6 Tattoo`d Lady			(Lou)
			Solo:		Lou	(Paino)
			Solo:		Dennis	(Guitar)
			End/Solo:	Dennis	(Guitar)

 7 Messin` With The Kid			(Lou, Mark)
			Intro:		Dennis	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Mark	(Hamrnica)
			Solo:		Lou	(Piano)
			Solo:		Dennis	(Guitar)

 8 I Wanna Be Loved			(Lou, Mark)
			Intro:		Brendan	(Drums)

 9 The Loop				(Bobbie, Mark)
			Intro:		Band
			Solo:		Mark	(Marmonica)
			Solo:		Bobbie	(Guitar)

10 CC Baby				(Bobbie, Mark)
			Intro:		Band
			Solo:		Mark	(Harmonica)
			Solo:		Bobbie	(Guitar)

11 Off The Handle			(Bobbie, Mark, Lou)
			Intro:		Bobbie	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Bobbie	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Mark	(Harmonica)
			End:		Bobbie	(Guitar)

12 Laundromat				(Brian, Paul)
			Intro:		Dennis	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Paul/Brian	(Guitar)

13 Let`s Work Together			(Brian, Paul)
			Intro:		Dennis	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Brian	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Paul	(Guitar)

14 Don`t Start Me Talkin`		(Bobbie, Mark, Lou)
			Intro:		(Band)
			Solo:		Bobbie	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Mark	(Harmonica)
			End/Solo:	Mark	(Harmonica)

15 Tore Up				(Bobbie, Mark)
			Intro:		Bobbie	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Bobbie	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Mark	(Guitar)
			Solo:		Dennis	(Guitar)

16 Boogie / Bullfrog Blues	(Everybody)

Photos: Volker Grupe, Video-Stills: Rudi Gerlach & Volker

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