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Rory's Flat

The first flat Rory wanted to buy and Donal bought for him in the 70ths was "4 Brompton Cottages", Hollywood Rd., London SW 10, at the corner to Fulham Road. Donal was surprised, because until this Rory didn't wanted to buy any house or flat in London, especially not one of the numberous in victorian style.

Rory's flat was in the "hidden" 4th cottage.

Later Dónal used Rory's flat as his office. In the back is Rory's book wall.

The gate was installed by Donal after Rory's passing away to prevent the fans from entering.

These fotos were taken when I met Donal there at his office, September, 18th, 2002.

with Google Earth the flat is located 51° 29' 07'' N / 0° 10' 57.3''

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