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The Sculpture


Groove Improve - ltr: Stefan Völpel, Johnny Weber from Trier, Germany

Crowleys Music Centre

in MacCurtain St. with the re-installed plaque

In the shop I disclosed my identity, and Caroline Crowley gave me issue No.4 of "The Archive - Journal Of The Northside Folklore Project". It contains a great article about Rory: Won't See His Like Again, written by Stephen Hunter,

a great musician for himself, and whome I met the next day when he gave a lunch concert at the foot of St.Anne's Shandon Church.
It was Marcus Connaughton, who told me about Stephen and his concert. I met Marcus at the RTE Radion/TV Station,
he recorded Rory in the early 70ths at RTE Dublin, and was a long time friend of Rory's.

For those, who asked what`s behind the corner

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