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How to find Rory's grave in Ballincollig

St.Oliver's cemetery is easy to find, if you know where it is.

A big thanks to Google Earth

Use the bus

starting about every 30 min from central bust station. The return ticket costs IRP 2.60, a way lasts about 15 min. Before entering the village the cemetery is on the left hand side, but you cant see it, there is a signpost which shows to take the left.

Coming by car take the left and find the cemetery on the right hand side. If you see the
"Welcom To Ballincolling" sign, you're too far, turn around at roundabout coming ahead or follow description for bus tours below.
After passing the roundabout let the bus stop at next bus stop.
Walk some meters back take the first on the right
and then the first on the left,
then the 2nd on the right,
walk this street
until coming to a T, take the left (downhill),
be careful there's no footpath - it doesn't look right, but after passing the valley you'll find St. Oliver's on the left.

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